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This page explains the process of assessing damage, compiling the settlement proposal, and negotiating your claim, and describes the role of Consumer Adjusters, LLC.

Initial Contact
It would be nice if people knew that, if they suffer a catastrophic loss, it's in their best interests to engage a public insurance adjuster. If they did, they'd probably explore their choices among the public insurance adjusters in their area and hopefully they'd call us.

The truth is that most people whose house or business is damaged or destroyed know very little about their options. Fortunately, most people go through their lives without having to think about such things.

Since it's rare for someone who needs their services to initiate the process, the team at Consumer Adjusters LLC relies on referrals or following up on leads gathered from public news outlets. One of the insurance experts from the team will often visit the site of a fire or other property loss and survey the damage. 

​Q.    Why do I need a Public Adjuster to represent me and my family or business?

A.    A typical insurance policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, as well as dozens of complex policy endorsements. Most policyholders do not realize that the burden of proof is theirs. Public Adjusters know the insurance business and are familiar with policies and procedures so they can work quickly to expedite loss settlement.

On visiting the site of a recent fire or other property damage event, and if it seems appropriate, the Consumer Adjusters representative will introduce him or herself to the property owner, offering the assistance of the firm. If the property owner is receptive, a meeting will be agreed to.

Beginning with that meeting and in collaboration with the property owner, Consumer Adjusters LLC will:

Inventory the Damage
While the full extent of the damage is still plainly visible, the CA representative will do a quick assessment of it, documenting with photographs and notes. The CA representative will discuss the availability of receipts and other records that may be helpful in assembling and supporting the claim.
At some point soon after the loss, one of the structural experts from Consumer Adjusters, LLC will do a thorough assessment of the damage to the structure to determine how much is salvageable without undermining the quality of the restoration.

Study the Insurance Policy
Next, the CA representative will arrange for copies of the insurance policy or policies in place on the damaged or destroyed property and study it or them to learn what limits may apply to the claim and to look for legitimate ways to raise the amount of the settlement.

Arrange for quotes from contractors for restoration-related tasks
The CA representative will discuss contractor selection with the property owner, offering advice and assistance if desired by the owner. Once preferred contractors have been selected, Consumer Adjusters will arrange with them for quotes on all necessary work.

Develop an independent appraisal of an appropriate settlement amount
The CA representative will assemble the various components of the claim - coverage, personal property loss or damage, real property loss or damage, and replacement/restoration cost – and compute the highest legitimate settlement amount.

Negotiate with your insurance company
The team at Consumer Adjusters, LLC will fight hard for the best possible settlement for your claim.

Q.     How are Public Adjusters paid?

A.     Public Adjusters work for a small percentage of your claim settlement and require no up front fees. The fee is payable after your claim is settled and you have been paid by your insurance company. We are confident that our involvement will increase your claim settlement and that our fee will be absorbed in your larger settlement

If your Home or Business has sustained damage or been destroyed, call the team at Consumer Adjusters today!

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